by Timothy Horrocks

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This is a collection of all the music i've written and recorded so far


released May 8, 2016

All words, music, and performances by Tim Horrocks except the outro solo on Expendable by Jason Spray.



all rights reserved


Timothy Horrocks Phoenix, Arizona

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Track Name: The rest is the same
Verse 1:
Thirty long years of blood sweat and tears
And I got nothing to show
A dirty vagabond living out on the street
And I got nowhere to go
Competition from the junkies pack this dead end street
There aint no running away
On the doorstep of death it’s time to leave this flesh
And I’m wasting away.

I’m leanin’ back on my grave and I’ve forgotten my name
One hand is on the bottle and the rest is the same
Lady luck never looked my way
The bitch never cared about me anyway
If I could get back up Id make em know my name
I’m looking all around but I got no one to blame
It’s the same old story it’s a crying shame
One hand is on the bottle and the rest is the same.

Verse 2:
Thirty long years still here blaming my fears
I’m tired of feeling this way
Lost all hope I tossed it out with the dope
And left it right where it lay
Alive but I aint livin a step away and slipping
Into what I can’t say
A step out of hell or am I there I can’t tell
I might be leaving today.


Verse 3:
Thirty long years fuck all these tears
I’m tired of living this way
I’ve lost all pride stuffed it way down inside
Right where it will stay
Running straight out of time somebody throw me a line
Don’t want to leave here this way
Down and out its time to climb back out
And I aint leavin today
Track Name: All in with your love tonight
Verse 1:
I feel I’m running on empty
I’ll be damned my baby just left me
Don’t mean I aint gonna try
Returning to the well before it all runs dry

Baby maybe manana
You’d just let me get on ya
And baby maybe tonight
If you would then I just might
Be all in with your love tonight

Verse 2:
I feel I’m losing my traction
Shot me down and stripped my action
But babe I’m not gonna blame ya
If you’d be so kind to let me entertain ya


Verse 3:
Lookin for some love to borrow
To chase down my sorrow
And babe you’d be alright
If you’d be the one to take me home tonight

Track Name: Lie to me
Verse 1
I said hey and you said walk
I don’t suppose this deserves a talk
You tripped my up and I almost fell
I must confess if I did it’s just as well
If I did it’s just as well

Verse 2
You sure fooled me I guess I should have known
Should’ve seen the signs of a heart gone cold.
I don’t mind I guess I’ll be the fool
If it’s all the same nobody said that love had rules
I’d break them all to be with you

If you don’t love me and you’re gonna leave
Baby turn yourself around and lie to me
What my heart don’t know won’t make it bleed
Baby turn yourself around and lie to me

You shot out every light that lit the hopes in my head
Left me questioning the truth of everything that you said
You said that you don’t need me left me wondering why
You put perfume on your letter baby but it still said goodbye

Verse 3
I said hey but you were already gone
Aint no turning back when the lines are drawn
You closed up set guess that’s a wrap on me
But I’m holding out holding out for one more scene
I’m holding out for you and me.

Track Name: Better way
Verse 1
Standing in line I’m looking around
As the sands of time slip on down
For a moment it seems, I looked away
Now I’ve slipped behind and there’s hell to pay
Everybody’s pushin’ tryin' to find a way
But there still no answers to games we play
Simple minds try to stay in time
With passions of greed they cross the line

Time doesn’t change the way that I’m feelin’
It only finds a way to hide.
Time doesn’t have a real way of dealin’
It only keeps it locked inside.

It’s all on the line we lay
If only to find a better way
If we could stop the hands of time
Until we find a better way

Verse 2
Steppin’ out we got nothin’ to hide
If we stay too long we’ll get swept aside.
We can change the pace and make up some time
Got to take a chance and lay it on the line
Everybody’s pushin’ afraid to fade away
Afraid to fall behind but still afraid to stay
We could take this chance we can change our mind
We could take this chance and lay it on the line.

Verse 3
Still standing in line still looking around
As the sands of time slip on down
We could turn around and leave it all behind
For a second chance we might never find
Everybody’s pushin’ trying to pull away
Still this life’s a game and we’ve got to play
If we find our way we can make a stand
We just stand our ground and make if we can
Track Name: A whole lot to go
Verse 1:
I never had much to say
If I did wouldn’t say it anyway
I hope I’ve meant a lot to you
For all the things I meant but didn’t do
And if I could I’d save your dreams
And make you feel like the queen
And for all the things you’ve done for me
To make me feel like the king
I hope you never sacrificed
What you thought you felt was right
And if there’s just one thing I know
It’s you and me forever baby
With a whole lot to go.

Twenty years has gone so fast
I'd wish I'd know we could have made it last
And through the years I’ve spent with you
I hope you know that I've been true
I’ve told you things that no one knows
I gave you my heart I gave you my soul
I've tried and failed at the romantic kind
Cause somehow I forgot the lines
And on my sleeve my heart may never be
So I’ll tell you now what you mean to me.
And if there’s just one thing I know
It’s you and me forever baby
With a whole lot to go.

Since I've never said the words
Please know that its true
That baby if you needed it
I'd give my hearts last beat to you.

As time slips by and the shine is gone
From this band of gold we've worn so long
and looking back aint got much to show
But the two lives that we watched grow
Regrets aint bad and yeah I've got a few
But none id change if it meant losing you
I realize all I need in life
Are all the things I have in sight
To have and hold it’s got to be the truth.
Cause your still by me and I can’t lose
As time slips by and we grow old
It’s you and me forever baby
With a whole lot to go.
Track Name: Let me walk away
Verse 1
Time it seems it taking so long
Waiting on things and I’ve been here to long
This road that I see is calling to me
Its all that I have don’t take it away

Verse 2
Something inside is calling my name
I’m looking around but there’s no one to blame
My pity it seems it haunts my dreams
It's all that I have don't take it away


Verse 3
Times come around we’ll do it over again
For reasons I know but I don’t understand
I've tried and I've tried but it won't leave my mind
I'm looking around but there's nothing to find
This road that I see is calling to me
It’s all that I have don’t take it away.

I’ve been here to long and its time I move on
Cause I’m Feeling
Like I’m stuck in this place and I just can’t relate
and I’m falling
It’s time that I roll but I’m scared to let go
Just let me walk away
I don’t know what to do
I don't know what to say
I don’t know if I care
Just let me walk away
Track Name: Some gave all
Verse 1:
The blades will drop and the heads will roll
The blood will spill there’s no hope at all
Ahead not far, into this hell we flee
Lies a certain death if you survive the sea

My men I fear on this beach we are dying
Let’s take to the hill and at least we’ll die trying
The blood we have spilled what we’ve lost here today
Will all be in vain if we die here this way.

All gave some, some gave all
We stand tall cause some gave all
All gave some, some gave all
We stand tall cause some gave all

The Magic men laid their trail of deceit
But that my friend is not a one way street.
The best laid plans are only made to fail.
It’s the lucky few that live to tell the tale.

The fields they were flooded the guns they weren’t there.
Our brothers have fallen we’re left in despair.
The blood we have spilled what we’ve lost here today
Will all be in vain if we die here this way.


The bombs like rain, they fall from the sky
Reinforcements arrive, take the hill save our lives
Label no heroes as one we survive
Overlord came for the war turned the tide.

Two types of men, the dead and the dying
Are left on this beach, so we better start trying
The blood we have spilled what we’ve lost here today
Will not be in vain we won’t die here this way.
Track Name: No one there to hear
Verse 1:
Such is life
Nobody said it would be easy
Broken and frail
Desperate for something to believe in
Now they got you believing
That there’s something more than what you’re seeing
False hopes and promises
That’s alright it gets you through the night.

What you’re selling mister I don’t even need
Cause everything I ever want is right in front of me
You search and search and never find the reason for you fear
Get up off your knees right now no ones’ there to hear.

Verse 2:
A mother is crying
Lost her son and now she’s grieving
Searching for answers
What happened here there’s got to be a reason
Desperate for something
The man he promises salvation
Caught up in the fable
That’s alright it helps you sleep at night.

Mothers are crying
Babies are dying
Come take my hand
It’s all part of the plan
Well if that’s your plan then I don’t understand
Track Name: Lose it all
Verse 1:
When I look in I can see right through
The mask you wear to hide the truth
And in your eyes the world can see
The fortunate one you would always be

Till now you’ve always been the one
Now your world starts to come undone
For now I guess you’ll find a way
It aint right but it’ll be ok

Verse 2:
All along you had yourself a plan
The world was there in the palm of your hand
Now your plan it stands to fall right through
The world has come it’s time to pay your dues.


Now you’re standing in the pouring rain
Where’s your hero now
Still you’ve only got yourself to blame
About to lose it all
I won’t bend cause I cant take the pain
I won’t take the fall
And hear you are with nothing left to gain
About to lose it all

Verse 3:
And in the end when all is said and done
And all the ones you’ve wronged are gone
Tell me was it worth it for you
You’re all alone its only you.
Track Name: Days gone by
Verse 1
It’s been a long night in this hotel room
Still in the back of my mind plays some forgotten toon
I think about a girl I can’t recall her name
I guess this lonely life is driving me insane

Verse 2
I look back on distant memories
Of a world I knew and the way things used to be
What I would give just to go back again
And drink it up with the boys my friends

Time fades the pictures of past memories
But the feeling lingers on that incurable disease
There’s a burning in my soul that’s coming on again
Oh Lord just one time let me go back again

What ever happened to the Days gone by
They’re fading fast and I’m Wondering why
Keep on reaching for the days gone by
They’re out of reach but I’ve got to try
I’m holding on

Verse 3
Time goes on and life passes on by
And I’m finding it hard I find it so hard to try
To keep it all inside to hold back these dreams
Time brings back the memories
Track Name: Stay
Seems like a million years since we were young
When everything mattered and the world was fun
Somehow somewhere along the way
Your heart got cold and your love went away

Now I aint much on god or angels or things that I can’t see
But man I’d hit my knees right now if it would bring you back to me

Into this world beauty is born
A fathers pride and joy his heart is torn
On the waiting list for the gift of life
She slipped away from him tonight.


I don’t know if I’m right, I don’t care if I’m wrong
The only thing I know is this life aint so long
Plan for tomorrow and live for today
Hold the ones you love because they might not stay
Track Name: Expendable
Verse 1:
As darkness falls shadows trick the eye
Fade to memories of ones you’ve left behind
The cold sets in you resign to die
You take one last breath before you close your eyes.

Throw more bodies at the line we’ll break through in time
Chalk it up nothing lost we are expendable
From the pan to the fire we’re just pawns for hire
Chalk it up nothing lost we are expendable

As one we stand we won’t be broken down
Defend the cause we stand our ground
In a six foot hole ten thousand miles from home
It’s a god damn shame some won’t be going home.

What a shame who’s to blame for this goddamn game
Chalk it up nothing lost we are expendable
For the cause no applause in a system of flaws
Chalk it up nothing lost we are expendable